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Posted by dailybento on March 25, 2009 at 8:39 AM

Ok, so the rumours prove to be unfounded so far, but it's only been a week so far with the new computer. Keep you posted. Anyway, after being prompted to do so I am attempting to make regular updates on my blog. Coming soon will be a bit about studying Japanese in Okinawa (probably applicable in most place) and hopefully a full feature article on WEINERS! That's right, how excited are you right now?!?


This weeks adventures include my trip to the Dentist today. Woah, that was fun. Guess what the news is... I have to go back about 10 MORE TIMES before the work is completed! No kidding! However, the dentists here tend to only do half a job each time, meaning you have to go back twice as often. But 10 more visits? That means about4 months of semi-regular visits to the dentist, oh I am not looking forward to that!


Today's visit included a check up, and an x-ray. A very bizarre x-ray. One that involves me sitting with a stick in my mouth and my forehead on a pad as this futuristic thing spins around me and scans for a brain. Apparently it was set up for Japanese sizes though, because the stupid thing hit my back and stopped working mid-spin. Then the dentists and nurses flooded the room trying to figure out how to get the stupid thing working again.


Oh, and my visit finished with a clean. I think one has to have very sadistic sensibilities to want to be a dental hygenist, because once the scratching, poking and scrubbing is finished, and once the nurse has poked that damn jet of supersonic water at all the areas that hurt most, I am spitting blood and pieces of brain! Oh well, next week the real work starts and I get the worst tooth opened up and cleaned out.


Oh, but all this work (to completion) will happen for the equivilent of about $400 total! That's like $1500 NZD worth back in the NZ of A!

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