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Driving in Okinawa: and update

Posted by dailybento on March 5, 2009 at 9:28 PM

Have the long hours sitting at your desk got you worn out?


Need to have a change of pace? Something completely original?


Well why not try the new craze that’s taking Okinawa by storm!


That’s right SLEEPING IN A CAR!


All you need is a warm day, a nice spot to park (like a car park, under a tree, or at the side of a busy road) and a work vehicle. It doesn’t matter who you are, this is available to anyone, be you a plumber, police officer, taxi driver, or ambulance driver, why not sleep in a car today!



I do more walking every day than driving, and that’s something that really jumped out at me; the amount of busy workers who one walks past sleeping in their cars.



Having now spent nearly 3 months driving here, I have become more accustomed to the Okinawan way of driving, but it is always a new experience every time I get in my car. For those living on the main island, maybe you are familiar with the 330. It’s a convenient way of navigating through the center of the main island, and it’s also a convenient and effective method of taking your life into your own hands. At rush hour that road can be like some mad, life threatening video game, dashing into the right lane to avoid someone who’s stopped unexpectedly, and then squeezing back into the left lane because someone has decided to turn. All the while, knowing that these maneuvers must be done while the car still has momentum, because should you actually end up stopped behind one of these cars then you are dead in the water! Because managing to get out from behind them is next to impossible.  



Sometimes it’s annoying and frustrating, but if you’re in the frame of mind to play the game it can be thrilling and exhilarating. And of course, if it’s ever too much for you, you could always just pull up on the curb (with hazard lights blinking of course) and have a little nana nap.



Drive safely everyone.

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