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Live from Okinawa, Japan

I came here in the Japanese summer of 2007, and things haven't been the same since.

Okinawa is a small island south of Japan. Actually it's closer to Taiwan than the rest of Japan, and this leads to completely different climate, flora, fauna, and the people are from a completely different planet! It gives us some beautiful seas, some gorgeous tropical fish, and some fantastic snorkelling. It does, however, also mean that in the summers we have consistently 35 to 38 degrees celsius, and an easy 90-100% humidity. I also spend a fair amount of time on the mainland, and I hope I can use this site to give some of my opinions, reflections and photos of this beautiful place.

About this site:

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  • Around Okinawa

    This page will hopefully develope into a bit of a guided tour around Okinawa Honto, the main island of Okinawa. Right now, my main focus is on the various parks around Naha and further affield. We are getting a bit pent up in the little appartment, and are trying to find new places we haven't visited to photograph and document, so that maybe others living here can enjoy them too.

  • Around Japan

    Here I will document some of the great places that I have been to around Japan. This is a great country, and I want to try to reflect it's diversity and appeal.

  • Blog

    Honestly, the blog will probably just be full of random videos and pictures that I find.

    I think those are the points of most interest. Enjoy!